Urotopia Uromastyx

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Ornate Uromastyx Green Male
Adult male Ornate Uromastyx

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NEXT SHOW - Fort Myers Aug 4 ? (see www.repticon.com)

Aug 18-19 Daytona Beach/National Reptile Breeders Expo (see www.reptilebreedersexpo.com)

Lizards for Sale - July 1, 2012
(shipping cost is additional)

Ornate Uromastyx - Urotopia bloodlines CB 2012 hatching July/August...$250

Saharan Uromastyx (U geyri/Niger) - CB 2012 hatching now ............$75

Ornate Uromastyx - farmed hatchlings imported in 2011 ........ $125

Click here for PHOTOS of a few of the available reptiles (only partially complete, if species is not updated ask for details)

SNAKES TOO ! We've bred colubrid snakes since 1969 - Click here for lists. We do have the listed species for sale but many of the links to individual photos of snakes are unfinished.

Brief Uromastyx Caresheet

SHIPPING - Several shipping options are available depending on weather conditions and destination. I generally use Fedex Next Day Air. With styrofoam inner box and heat or cold-packs as needed, total charges are $10 to $85 depending on your location and weather and box size. I can give an exact quote IF YOU PROVIDE your complete address and which animals you would be buying. In some instances Postal Express is a less expensive option. I only charge my customers what I pay to ship their order, no hidden markups.

PAYMENTS- Money orders and Paypal Only (Sorry, due to the large number of bad checks we've received they are now only accepted for advance deposits before hatching). CREDIT CARDS are accepted only thru the PayPal System (click on credit card logo button below). PAYPAL has many restrictions to protect both buyer and seller. I only ship to verified buyers and confirmed addresses (go to www.PayPal or ask us for details). Some Paypal payments can not be accepted.

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NOTE for 2012 - due to time constraints I will no longer be able to provide husbandry assistance to other seller's customers as I have done in past years.

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Photo of Five Species of Uromastyx Hatchlings
Hatchlings: Ornate, Egyptian, Ocellated, Rainbow benti, Moroccan.